Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hungryfy?

Hungryfy is launched from Spain with love, a marketplace platform launched to offer customers fast and reliable food delivery and table booking service with variety of different food choices from local restaurants near them.

How do I use Hungryfy?

We designed the platform to make your ordering and table reservation experience very easy. With few steps, you can use either our website or mobile apps by downloading it from the app store on iOS and Google play.

  1. Simply add enter your local address and location

  2. Select your favourite food and restaurant

  3. Book for a table or directly order your selected menu

  4. Wala, the best chef in town will prepare your food in minutes din don food is ready and ready to fill some bellies.

What restaurants can I find on Hungryfy?

You can find different types of local restaurants listed on hungryfry. We working very hard to meet our customers’ needs so if there is a restaurants you cannot find recommend it.

Does it cost me to use Hungryfy?

Hungryfy is free to join-you only pay for what you order from our restaurants partners which includes taxes and may come with extra fees.

What if something went wrong with my order?

We understand when a chef is busy accident can happened. If you’ve received the wrong item or your order been delivered incorrect. Please contact the restaurant immediately so this can be resolved. If there is no solution kindly use our support system for help.

Why some menu are not or fully listed?

As we understand your concern, we always thrive to bring you fresh and hot meal straight to your door but there may be some food items that are difficult to travel like ice cream, tea or coffee.

How do I pay for my orders?

Depending on the payments terms set by the restaurants you may have to use the same payment terms either by credit card when ordering your menu or pay on delivery.

Is it possible to order more than one item at a time?

Yes you can, if your orders are all from same restaurants but please note that you cannot order from different restaurants due to logistics reason. You may have to create separate orders.

Is it possible to change my delivery address?

In case you want to change delivery address to have your item delivered please contact the restaurants immediately to notify them. Please note that restaurants has the right to refuse cancellation if there were not notify on time.

Are my payment details safe?

Your payment information and data are encrypted via TLS when you transmit your payment information to us.

Why my food is late, who should I contact?

We are sorry to hear this has happened. The best thing is to contact the restaurant, you can find the restaurant number on your order details. If there is no luck with the restaurant, get in touch with us using our support system and kindly have your order number available as we may need it.

My order been cancelled why?

We apologise to hear that your order was cancelled. There are a few reasons that might cause your order cancellation, which are:

  • The merchant or restaurants cannot accept any more orders due to merchant maybe too busy to accept new orders.

  • Restaurants is close due to unexpected events change of business hours

  • Restaurants only accept cash payments.

  • Maybe due to payment equipment not working.

Please not that, when this happened you will received a text message, email or push notification explaining the reason why order was cancelled.

Contact Support

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