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About us

Hungryfy is a food technology platform design to offer customers and a reliable fast food delivery and table booking service with a variety of different food choices from local restaurants near them.

Our mission is to make things in life easier for everyone on how food is ordered and delivered and to empower communities to eat locally from local restaurants and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live.

Our Vision is to use technology to build eating culture that deliver sustainable, healthy food, and easy to access to every local restaurant near you

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As a customer

Hungryfy brings you the best local favourites, with meal deals, promotions and discounts, delicious and affordable food from just EUR 5.00 has never been easier. The platform offers you the choice to order to your house, for pickup and to book a table for a night out dining experience from the website or apps just by downloading from Google play or App store

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As a Restaurant Owner

Our innovative platform is not only design to connect your restaurants to food lovers but a focus solution to enhance and transfer the way you attract new customers. Our platform offer you the choice of food orders, pickup and table reservation with your own delivery system. With new technology, features and innovations, your restaurant will get to benefit as we grow together.

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Become a Rider

Being a rider is a best way to earn money and flexibility and financial stability. You can become a rider at your own time schedule while doing other things you love to do. Become a rider in your local area and help build a better community.

Use Delivery to Reach New Customers

Find a new way to increase sales. We feature your menu on our app and website so that customers can discover your restaurant and order food. Start delivering your food with Hungryfy today! Join Now!